Blue starfish

Clients, Peers & Media rate my work

“…an exceptionally good travel & advertising photographer…”,
New Zealand Photographers Mail Feb. 2009, New Zealand
Guest Presenter, Photographic Society of New Zealand Annual Conference
April 2010, New Zealand
Featured work & opinions in advertising industries select Annual Photographers Showcase
2009 & 2011, AdMedia, New Zealand
“…brilliant photos…”, Judges comments
Finalist New Zealand Post Book Awards 2001, New Zealand
“Charles Coopers natural history work is outstanding”
John Woods, Founder of New Zealand Geographic magazine, New Zealand
“…was very obliging and easy to work with and an absolute professional…”
Robert Skews, Managing Director, Turama Pacific Travel Group (inc Island Hopper Vacations), Cook Islands
“Truly great shots – he’s talented, dedicated & organised – and it definitely shows through in his work”
Jo Kennedy, Product Manager:Pacific Islands, Air New Zealand
“…100% recommendation…pleasant, helpful and his honesty and the quality of photography work are first-class…”
Ida Talagi-Hekesi, Director 2002-2009. Niue Tourism Office, Niue
Photographs on permanent display at New Zealands’ most sacred monument, the Treaty House at Waitangi

Waitangi, New Zealand
“Your shot was ranked 2nd (in sales) across New Zealand…a best seller….”
Johns Sands, leading global high-volume publisher, New Zealand
Photographic book ‘Niue’ admitted to permanent collection of British Library
London, England
Author/Photographer of four books on South-Pacific nations including Fiji & Niue

“A number of people have commented on your ability to accurately capture culture through your photography…”
Peter Janssen, Publishing Director, Reed Publishing, New Zealand
“Your desire to have everything right is the way (we) try to operate and it was a great pleasure to work with you.”
Ross Nicholson, Convenor, Centennial Committee, Mercy Hospital, Auckland